Reclaim time spent on Documentation.

Effortlessly record dictation or an entire interaction and let our Hello Practice Scribe generate clinical notes.

For many physicians, the day doesn’t end with the last patient. According to a recent study nearly 33% spend two more hours on documentation after their scheduled work hours every day. The question is, what if you could change that? Introducing the Hello Practice Scribe, transforming the way medical documentation is done.

Save Time On Documentation

How our Scribe will help with your clinical documentation.

Providers can effortlessly record entire patient visits or dictate summaries

Transcriptions are automatically generated, refined and available within minutes

Watch as notes materialize effortlessly. Choose from dozens of standard formats or personalized templates

Providers can easily review and fine-tune the notes. Push them to EMR via copy/paste or through our EMR integration

Hello Practice is now accessible anywhere with our Scribe app

Discover the benefits firsthand. Download Our App Now.

We Integrate with all major EMRs

What Our Customers Say

Shannon, LPC

“I love how professional the notes are. It makes a huge difference in my overall documentation.” 

Sara, LCSW

“I’m loving it! Without the Scribe, Charting can sometimes take 30 minutes per patient, especially at the end of a busy day with back to back appointments. The mental toll it removes and energy it saves alone makes it worth it.”

Dr. Joe O’Hara, DVM

 “As a veterinarian, the Scribe from Hello Practice has transformed our clinic’s efficiency. It accurately transcribes our interactions with pets and their owners, and seamlessly integrates these notes into our systems. This has reduced the time spent on documentation, allowing us more time with our patients.”

Robert Jones, LPC

 “Hello Practice’s Scribe has been invaluable in my counseling sessions. It discretely records and transcribes sessions, ensuring I can focus on my clients without worrying about note-taking. The automated DAP notes are a huge time saver.”

Samantha Rodriguez

“Using Scribe Mobile app has significantly lightened our documentation load. It captures everything accurately during patient interactions, which is crucial for maintaining thorough medical records. This has improved our workflow and patient care significantly.”

Dr. Marcus Patel, MD

 “The Scribe’s ability to integrate seamlessly into our existing healthcare systems and provide transcription with rapid turnaround time has made patient documentation much more manageable, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy in our practice.”

Dr. Emily Chen, DDS

“This tool is a game-changer, especially in a specialist setting where details are critical. Hello Practice Scribe captures specific medical terminology with precision, which helps in crafting detailed patient reports and reduces the risk of errors.”

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Our advanced Scribe technology guarantees HIPAA compliance for maximum security, while offering flexibility across diverse medical environments, including veterinary care

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