Our Pre-Visit Planning (PVP) Service revolutionizes medical support documentation assistance.

We enable providers to prioritize patient care over paperwork. We offer more than time-saving; our technology elevates care quality and streamlines operations, reducing professional burnout.
Choosing Hello Practice is an investment in your healthcare team’s efficiency and well-being.
With PVP, we create a more involved and seamless experience for patients by reducing their lobby wait time and increasing their level of quality care during appointments and reducing No-Shows.

Increased Efficiency

Our solution is a data-driven service that has saved providers an average of 16 minutes per New Patient visit.

Uncompromised Security

Adherence to rigorous HIPAA compliance standards guarantees the utmost protection of patient information.

Dedicated Support

Each service includes a committed Account Manager for seamless integration and ongoing assistance.

Adaptable Flexibility

Tailor-made for a broad range of healthcare sectors, including both human and veterinary practices.

Enhanced Time Efficiency

Drastically cuts down on documentation time, allowing for increased patient engagement and enriched interactions during visits.

Seamless Experience

Focus on action items that matter during your limited patient encounter time by having a patient summary listed for you prior to the appointment.

Interfaced Teamwork

Adapt the PVP service to your specific clinical needs by customizing your scripts and workflows.

Data-Driven Insights

Harnesses the power of AI to provide actionable insights, improving patient care and practice efficiency.

Continuous Updates and Improvements

Regular software updates ensure that the latest technological advancements are at your fingertips.

Discover the benefits firsthand with our Demo.

Attractive savings for practices with multiple providers.

We Integrate with all major EMRs

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Our advanced AI technology guarantees HIPAA compliance for maximum security while offering flexibility across diverse medical environments, including veterinary care.

Experience the Next Generation of Healthcare Documentation.

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